General Questions
Why do I need to pay a setup fee?
We charge a one-time setup fee on all new logos. Our staff must convert the image to an embroidery or vector graphics file. You'll never pay a setup fee again if the same logo is used. If your logo changes, you would need to pay this setup fee again.
What if I don’t see my estimate attached to this email?
You need to click the link to view the estimate in your browser. If for some reason the link will not open, contact your Account Manager and they will assist you.
Why do I need to contact you directly for certain items?
Certain items require higher levels of customization, and as such we find that it is easier to speak with our client directly. We want to ensure that the finalized product is exactly the way you want it, so for more complex items, you’ll need to contact us to order.
Can you match our PMS colors?
Yes, within reason. FOr embroidery, we can match it as close as possible to an embrodiery thread color. For vinyl graphics, we cannot match a PMS color but we can come close in most cases.

Product Specific Questions
Do the proximity markers and fairway markers come with the vinyl sheets included?
No, they are purchased separately and are available on our website here
How do the Vinyl Sheets work?
Our waterproof vinyl sheets come in a pack of one hundred. You peel off the back of the sheet and stick it to your proximity or fairway marker. Once your contest is over, just peel off the old sheet and stick on a new one!
Can I put my logo on the Shotgun Toppers?
Possibly! Please contact your Account Manager to get availibility and pricing.
How do I launder the Table Covers?
Spot clean any small stains and do not put the cover away with a stain on it. You can machine wash the Table Covers. We recommend the Table Covers to be air dried. Avoid high heat! The back has a PVC coating that could melt with high heat. This is why we do not reccomend a commercial drier being used with the Table Covers.
Will my Table Cover fade in the sun?
Yes eventually they will fade in the sun. Our standard material is not rated for long term sun exposure and is meant for special events. Put the cover out before the event starts and put them away as soon as you are done. The longer they are left in direct sun exposure, the quicker they will fade. If fading is a concern, we have a UV-Resistant material table cover available that will last 3 times as long in the sun as our standard material. Customers that leave the covers out every day usually need to replace their covers yearly, depending on sun exposure.
Can I purchase the Table Cover blank?
Yes, all Table Covers are available to purchase blank. Contact us to order your covers blank.
Can I purchase a custom size or color Table Cover?
Yes certainly! Our in stock Table Covers come in 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft. They are available in Hunter Green, Navy, or Black. We have a variety of colors available and we can make the cover any size you want! For custom sizes or colors, contact your Account Manager to order.
How waterproof is your Pop-Up Tent?
Our pop-up tents are water-resistant. We do not recommend using our tents in severely inclement weather. However, a light rain won’t be a problem.
Does the 5 Gallon Bucket Stand include the cleaning brush?
No, the brush is purchased separately and available here.
What if my green Ice Chest is warping?
Warping is unavoidable on our green ice chests. The extreme temperature difference of the ice inside and the dark color adsorbing heat on the outside, creates some warping from time to time. This is normal and the warping should go back down when the cooler returns to room temperature. If you are having any other issues with your ice chest, please contact your Account Manager for a warranty claim.
How do I apply a new vinyl graphic?
We prefer if you hire a professional sign company locally to do the install, however, we do have a video showing you how to do it yourself here: Click Here For Video